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If Nothing Else...

I caught up with my LJ comments.

Hrm, we watched Meaning of Life the other night. Why is it that these new releases of the Python films are disappointing? Either my memories of their humor are wrong, they really weren't all that funny to being with, or the horrible quality was part of their charm.

Watched some Evangelion last night. We also took the CF apart in order to remove the board blocking the middle sensor so we could play some PIU on SM and be ready for the PS2 release of it.

We've been putting off the bed and other shopping, so we're supposed to do all that tonight. I already made the plans to go out for dinner so that we'll be out and about instead of sitting at home letting inertia take its toll... again.

Paid renter's insurance today, joy. Ordered one of those cheap XM portables thanks to friends list.

I've signed up for some free crap, just to see. I mean hell, if I can get one of these for basically no effort, wth, eh? I mean, I can always eBay whatever it is and make some cash. Besides, I signed up for reputable stuff like Blockbuster and used Virtual Credit Cards to do it. Only need 5-9 people per to sign up and do blockbuster or whatever.

Free iPod

Free PocketPC

Free High End PC

Free XBOX, PS2, GC, DS

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