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LittleLove had Xmas gifts waiting for me when I got home, and had me open some of them. Therefore, I now have:

A PNY 268MB SD Card and a
Max Drive 16MB USB.

The USB drive rocks, except for the fact that it seems to have toasted one of my PS2 memcards. You can go online via PS2 net connection and download saves directly to it. I backed up both memcards to it, then back it up to my laptop. It auto-compresses the saves, which is also nice.

The SD Card I was hoping would be a more portable solution to the space issue on the iPaq. Unfortunately, it seems that my iPaq has issues with the SD Card slot. So no, it doesn't work. Argh.

Went to yet another Chinese place today. This one was somewhat decent, at least the entree had tasy veggies. I'm still looking for better, though.

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