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Frustration and Flying Daggers

I've pretty much forgotten what I was going to update. I meant to do so a few times in the past week, and just didn't get around to doing anything with substance.

I recall that I had several dreams - unusual for me. One involved Warren Ellis, whatever the new LJ name he has (I know it's on my friends list, but I don't recall what it is ATM.) I was hanging with him, sort of like a guide while he was in town for an event. First, he stuck me with a rather large bar tab. Then, he finished by rushing off to his flight and leaving me with the hotel bill as well. Wild. I forget the other dream, it was just strange to have them all of a sudden.

I did great gobs of nothing over the 4 day break. I made my (in)famous curry for T-day. I finally finished up the last of it last night. We vegged, we chilled, LittleLove worked. LittleLove has been playing the new Zelda for GBA. I've been playing Bard's Tale for PS2.

I finally got to see House of Flying Daggers last night. It's on 2 discs, with the video pretty much filling both. As a result, it looks beautiful. However, it is very annoying to have to switch discs in the middle. I got completely frustrated with my DVD/Divx player, and resorted to watching the 2nd disc on my old Apex player on the old TV.

I've been kinda blah over this break. I dislike the holidays, and the more the commercial crap invades everything the worse I get. It got to me last night, along with several other relatively minor annoyances. LittleLove came to my rescue, though. They were very supportive and loving when I needed it most. I'm happy that they are here with me.

I suppose I ought to get to seeing what's in store for me this week at work.

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