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OfficeMax Line OfficeMax Line

11/26/2004 6:30am
OfficeMax Line OfficeMax Line Continued

11/26/2004 6:30am

So yeah, I got up and went out to Office Max to see if the line would be reasonable, because they had a SD card free after rebate, and a cheap 200GB WD HD. As you can see above, the line stretched from the door all the way across the parking lot 1/2 hour before they opened. Uh, no. There was a fairly constant stream of cars arriving as I looked/snapped pics.

I also drove by Best Buy, and the parking lot there was completely full, as were all neighboring lots and even the nearby roads. It opened at 6am, so there wasn't much in the way of a line outside.

So I came home from the 34oF weather and decided to skip it altogether. I'll be staying home and inside most of the day. LittleLove, however, has to work. At the mall. Today. I don't envy them that, it will be an absolute zoo.

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