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What A Night Horse

I worked something like 14 hours yesterday. Bleh.

I've been trying to play with my new toy, a GPS for the iPaq. I hope to find it useful on our trip tonight. I also picked up a 256MB CompactFlash card for it to store the map data on, and I'm glad I did. We're thinking of going GeoCaching, since that sounds like fun. I need to figure out how to import the waypoints.

There was a slight issue with registration/activation, but that was fixed for the short term. I'm in discussion with them about longer-term support, since they said they wouldn't support me because I bought it on eBay. I'm going to make the argument that the ownership was transferred to me, and I have all the receipts. We'll see.

I've reinstalled WinXP about a dozen times in the past few days. Ever since the new coworker started and some idiot decided to take my test pc for them to use. The good news is that I'm almost back to being up and running fully, I just have a few apps left to install. I swapped my crappy machine for a better crappy machine that has 4 back USB ports and a front USB port, as well as DVD-ROM and a CDRW. My old one sucked and locked up at least once a week.

Coworkers were joking with me this morning since I spent all this time and effort getting the GPS set up, but haven't packed clothes or anything yet.

A coworker had an extra 2 tickets to see TSO in a few weeks, so I snagged them.

I've been blah, probably fighting off illness or being affected by the weather change. 30oF to 70oF back and forth just sucks my energy away.

In any case, I need to wrap up some stuff at work and get packing. We leave as soon as LittleLove gets home from work. We'll be offline until we get back, I'm sure.

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