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Another Messy Fine

Didn't do to well for awhile last night. Seems to be ok now, though. We'll see. Played a bit of EG and went to the store. Watched the 1st episode of Noir.

Still have issues with the setup of the Harmony. I sent an email today after lunch to see if they can fix it. Hitting the 'Language' button actually changes the DVD output mode.

I really should stop buying toys. But I won't.

I'm already looking at a new iPaq. I like the ones with WiFi/BT/Biometrics. The model escapes me atm, but they do look fun. They also seem to be a bit better designed in some areas - specifically the directional pad.

Yesterday's work highlight was getting new themes for the iPaq (I think I settled on the Azumanga Daioh one) and testing out some various plguins for the Today page. I like the launcher I found - its' nice and simple and small. Too many of the apps take over most of the visible space. I liked some of this other battery bar program, but the one I've been using is less system-impacting and shows most of what I want it to. I did decide on a calendar app that actually shows a couple days ahead instead of just today. The weather apps I tried took too much in the way of resources, so I'm not using them.

I hope my car charger and stylus pack come in before the trip - I'd like to be able to use this thing on the road. I loaded a few novels and of coures the games...

Speaking of which, I got my butt handed to me on the last end of curling. I'm glad I saved before then, because I really screwed up bigtime. I think they had 4 stones in scoring position. Ugh.

I've had Chinese for lunch every day for the past 7 days, at least. I'm not sure about last Thurs, but it may go back a few days further than that. I'm dissatisfied still, and am eagerly anticipating going back to my favorite place on the trip.

I'm not sure what tonight holds, perhaps some more EG and Noir, or some OP. Maybe we'll go out somewhere, bot sure yet. I think LittleLove gets off fairly early today, so we do have a chance to do something.

Oh, I rediscovered Bob & Tom this morning. LittleLove's alarm went off as I was about to leave, and I heard Mr Obvious. I tuned in on my way to work. Bastards got rid of their free net broadcasts, though. No listening at work for me.

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