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Remotes buzznet

As promised, the comparison pic including the iPaq and the Neuston remote. I added the MX510 as well, just for fun.

The Neuston remote is horrible, but it is better than the Apex one I had been using.

I've been playing Evil Genius for the past few days. Last night, I decided to restart my game from scratch based on what I'd learned by playing and read online. So far, it seems to be going MUCH better. I've got a nice base with some nonleathal trap combos to start with, 3 hotels, one of each room I can build at this point, 92 minions, and 2mil in the bank. Next step is to capture and interrogate the maid to complete the first set of objectives. Fun stuff.

I haven't really had much else going on. Work's been slow, as I've been waiting for others to get things working so I can start. LittleLove has been grilling dinners, which have been great. It's starting to get cold again, so we may not have another chance to have good brats or burgers for awhile.

The trip is in a week. I'm looking forward to some good food and getting out of town for a bit.

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