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New Toys / More on Remote

MX510 Yafro

Got a new toy is last night, a Logitech MX510. It was on sale at Amazon, so I ordered it the other day. Wow. You know how the mouse wheel was kinda strange when you first used it, but then it got to the point where it's really hard to use a mouse without one? I think that's going to be the case with this, as well. The mouse has 8 buttons, all of which are useful. I'm really liking the smooth scroll buttons for going through LJ and FAQs. The task switcher is also pretty handy. I absolutely love the Back/Forward buttons when browsing. And, of course, the entire thing feels SO much better than the cheap one that came with my laptop. Not to mention it's sexy.

Harmony remote lit buzznet

And now, back to yesterday's remote discussion. The above pic is of the Harmony when lit. As you can see, everything is nicely lit, bright, and all functions can be seen.

TV remote lit flickr

In comparison, here is the TV remote when lit. As you can see, it is nice and bright. However, few of the buttons are actually labeled to be readable when lit, and some aren't lit at all.

receiver remote lit flickr

And here is the receiver remote when lit. Yeah, it's really hard to even tell that it is lit in the pic. The light is rather dim, but functional. The issue is that the buttons are overloaded with more than one function, but if labeled are only labeled with one function for lit use.

3 remotes flickr

And here are the 3 remotes side-by-side for daytime use. The receiver remote on the left is an absolute monster - very heavy and extremely complex. It is very usable for common functions like volume, channel, and menu. However, anything else requires hunting. The light is very well placed on the side, making it easy to find in the dark. It is actually fairly comfortable to hold, despite the size.

On the right is the TV remote. Again, common functions are well placed and easy to use. One of the worst parts is the 'Light' button, which is stuck up near the top in a completely nonintuitive and not readily accessable spot. It serves the usual channel surfing purpose without much complaint.

In the middle is my new baby, the Harmony. As is readily apparent, it is actually smaller than either of the others. It is also very sexy. The function buttons at the top are clearly color-coded but the text is a bit small - I may have preferred icons instead. Most of the functionality centers on the center, where teh tumb naturally rests when holding it. It is extremely comfortable to hold. The light button is the one just below the center directional pad, making it easy to find in the dark. The thing looks like a phone, which is about the only style drawback to it.

I've got a couple other remotes lying around that I didn't take time to photograph this morning. Oh, and the iPaq, which I should do at least for size comparisons.

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