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from Buzznet Harmony Remote

I went and did it, I ordered a remote that cost more than my PS2 - almost as much as the Neuston. It was completely worth it.

I did some research over at Remote Central based off of the latest sales at TechBargains. It seemed that there were only a few remotes fitting my specs and likely to be able to control the way-off-brand Neuston. I set my heart on a Harmony Remote, which is now part of Logitech.

The reason was simple - you connect the remote to your PC via USB and download all your device settings. There's a massive database of user-submitted devices to choose from, and it just seemed logical to do things this way. I was a bit worried, as the usability ratings weren't as good on the Harmony ones as other remotes, but I figured it was decent enough.

Flickr Remote Middle

We got it in last night just before dinner. Let's just say we ate dinner late last night.

I opened it up and worked with LittleLove to get it all set up. We plugged it in, installed the software, and started the online device setup. It didn't take much, just the brand and model numbers for the devices we wanted to add, and a little selecting from options. In a few minutes, we had it set up and downloading/uploading to the remote. Once it was done, viola! The Neuston would turn on and off remotely again!

There were a few issues, though. The button mapping didn't include the OK/Enter key, and the Play buttong wasn't working too well. However, I went ahead and logged a support request with Logitech and then set about configuring other options online while LittleLove made dinner. I updated the remote then went to help create my famous hamburgers. Oh, and the included batteries were dead.

We ate, and watched some One Piece before settling down at the computers for a few hours of vegging.

Remote bottom buttons Flickr

At around 11:30, I get a new email from Logitech. Someone has already receieved my support request, updated my online remote settings based on user-submitted functions, and replied telling me all I need to do now is update my remote again and everything is ready to go! Now THAT's service!

A bit more about remote operation. I dislike the running ad the LCD displayed, but I think it is off now. It will take a bit to get used to how this remote works, as it's a bit different from others. The top colored buttons are basically macros. As an example, the "Watch DVD" button turns on the TV, sets the input to the Receiver's component, turns the receiver on, sets the input to the DVD player's compnent, and turns the DVD player on. Very handy. I think we're going to set up a few more of those for the various game systems and such. If the PS2 has the built-in IR, then this remote can turn it on and such as well.

buzznet remote

I've dealt with cheap universal remotes before, and even my Onkyo and Panasonic Learning remotes. They all suck for setting up. Horribly. This remote is how it SHOULD be.

So yeah, I am very happy with it. I highly recommend one to anyone with a need to control 3+ devices and manage inputs and such. I got mine from

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