Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Finally finished Kohan II.

Ending sucked.


It wasn't even YOU ARE SUPER PLAYER worthy.

Watching Witch Hunter Robin, trying to catch up to where LittleLove got last night while I slept.

Still not quite thinking right, and have been reverting back to eating like I used to. Horribly.

Talked to RedneckNinja. They're doing well back in L-town.


I've been burning discs wherever I've had the time. I did a dozen the other day, and 10 a few days before that. I'm trying to get some space back so I can reallocate my RAID 0 array to JBOD.

I had issues at work with a new PC, I tried to patch together a nice testing system and ended up mismatching memory. Thankfully, I swapped with a team member's machine and got it all matched. Hopefully, that will settle it. Had some issues with the PC at home, as well. I'm really wanting to do a reformat, but that doesn't seem practical right now.

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