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Fri I stayed home from work for most of the day, then went in after LittleLove was at work. I ended up talking to mall security regarding camera phone pics.

Sat, I don't recall what we did... I think LittleLove worked early and I vegged.

Sun, I woke up and decided to go to Chicago. I woke up LittleLove and off we went. It wasn't a bad drive, and we got to Mitsuwa early. We wandered a bit, then had lunch. Mmmmm ramen. We stuffed ourselves, then did a bit of light shopping before heading out. Next stop was an arcade nearby, where we played a single game before leaving.

Then we went to IKEA. Wow, what an experience. IKEA is what would happen if you took the 1st and 2nd year architecture students I went to school with and let them design cheapass but overpriced furniture. The store was packed, and I saw a few people with what must have been $2k worth of crap. Anyway, we wandered about for awhile.

Then off to another arcade, whose ddr machine had vanished. And then Gameworks. Ugh, their machines were total crap. However, they did have a DDR US 1st Mix for me to play and check off my list. They also had a Guitar Freaks machine, which was in horrible shape. The two Extreme machines they had were also not very playable, but LittleLove did their best. We eventually got bored/frustrated and moved on.

We had dinner at Timber Lodge. I recall it being much better than it acutally was, so we probably won't be going back. They closed to one near Mitsuwa, so we ended up in Naperville. After that, we had one last arcade stop. They had one of the neatest DDR setups I've seen yet - a walled circle with two machines, a decent amount of room, and some chairs. The big problem was that they had these stupid 'fun keys' that you had to buy, so a game for each of us cost $3. We played on the 5th Mix machine to check it off our lists, and the Extreme machine was pretty busy at the same time.

Finally, we went to head home. I was beat. We did get some cheap gas. It was $1.87! This morning on my way to work it was $2.17. We had a bit of a turnaround before we hit the highway, and then we ran into an accident or something that slowed traffic to a crawl. I was doing okay until just before we got home, where I was struggling to stay awake.

Made it home and crashed. Hard.

Mon at work was a blur, frankly. I was out of it and not really in work mode. I did a few site updates in between running tests, and I think I broke something or other. I felt queasy and headed home slightly early.

I sat around for part of the evening while LittleLove was at work, then went out to get catfood and conditioner. I ended up looking at furniture, and found a nice chest of drawers that I rather liked. It had real rails and all cedar drawers. It was part of a $3k set, which I don't need right now. The one piece was $650. A bit more than I wanted to spend. Saw an accident or some cause fof police/fire on the way home.

LittleLove arrived home only an hour or two after they left due to low traffic at the store. We chatted for a bit, then I called Haha and passed out. My stomach was really being funky, and I was still tired. I woke up a bit later to get a drink, and ended up staying up for a bit and taking pepto. We finally crashed a bit later after some conversation.

I woke up this morning 1 minute before my alarm. I felt well enough to start the day, though I'm starting to second-guess that decision now. I did kick off two tests, so progress of some sort is being made.

I know LittleLove has a busy day, their list of things to do is a decent size. I've still got 3 projects to work on at work, and I hope to be able to get into work mode and stay there today so I can get something done and off my list.

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