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Dead Evening

Worked late yesterday... Well, when I say work, I mean I sat around at work until long after I normally would have left waiting for people to get their stuff done. Then, I left around 5 when it became obvious that it wasn't going to happen. Went home, ate, and then we crashed. Didn't really mean to, but we did.

Ended up getting up around 1 or 2am and finding that the dog left 4 separate deposits, all of them rather large.

Went back to bed after 3, and got up at 6.

I'm hating WML. It sucks, hardcore. I've gotten some things done in it, but... Meh. I don't have any way to really check it except to actually browse with my phone. Well, the phone has a cache - if there's an error once, it will keep showing it until you reset the entire browser. And if there is an error, the message is "No Page To Render" or somesuch nondescriptive crap. PITA. I finally found a WML validator that I used to help debug, which did at least point to issues. Of course, it wouldn't work directly so I ended up having to make code changes, upload, hit the URL in FireFox, have it download the output to the desktop, open that in UltraEdit, and copy/paste it into the WML validator in IE. PITA.

In any case, I've made some good progress. Two more major things to accomplish, really. I started trying to have TBS output WML from templates, which may help a bit. If that works, I'll continue trying to recode some more HTML output functions into WML using the templates. I could probably cheat and use CSS stripped down to nothing for the WAP versions, but I think WML will be more compatible across various phones... for now. I may also look into HDML, and I'd like to change the HTML 4.01 stuff to XHTML.

Today, more waiting at work.. I actually do have a few things I can start working on, so I probably won't be spending much time in personal development.

I don't know why, but my back/shoulders/neck are really bothering me today... yesterday, too.

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