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I don't steal things - but who does anymore? Ideas are worth so much more that anything physical. It's a concept that most people still have a hard time understanding, this unreal estate thing. It's not a job, it's not my choice, it's my life. Death. Existence.

Of course the lack of the physical never handicapped anyone, now did it? Sure, some poor schmuck may have lost their cock in a blender, but there's always a replacement handy. Bigger, better, harder, faster.

So they come for me. My mind is all that's left before them, after.... Nothing. It's a kindness, freeing my soul from isolation for the greater good of society. Too bad they never fucking asked my opinion.

A billion dollars' worth of theft is the charge. 'How can a bodiless soul steal anything?' the public should cry. Bastards, they never care. Some new scandal involving the trillionaire talk show queen is all it takes to divert any serious uprising anymore. A decent PR mind can spin that before morning wood.

And so they get what they want, like they always do.

Reality is not quite where I exist, and so I make the choice. Score one for me.

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