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Hmmm one of my friends is selling Taiko No Tatsujin... It is VERY tempting.

I have a list I've been working my way slowly through at work today. Looks like some will be put off until tomorrow, but progress has been made.

Two packages seem to have arrived at home today, along with the one yesterday.

Talked to Oz a bit last night - they finally have a job in the state I just moved from. Irony.

Got a few more black flags in DDR Exteme US last night... but no new AAA's.

I just realized I haven't played Donkey Konga since the day I bought it. I'd like to play it a bit more, but... There are (Ez2Dancer) other (Taiko) games (drummania) I'd (dance maniax) rather (guitar freaks) play (PIU) more. And, with the recent rumors of PIU on PS2...

The digital car compass I got in yeterday is pretty neat. I put it in the car this morning - jammed it on the cupholder instead of 'installing' it with sticky-backed velcro. It showed a steadily plummeting temperature as I drove, but I haven't yet calibrated the compass. A coworker just explained to me today how/where to put the external temperature sensor so that part will work.

Still Making progress in Kohan II. Did another 2 levels last night, which should put me nearing the 2/3 point.

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