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We Don't Need Another Hero

Went and saw Hero last night. Just getting to the theater was a mini-adventure - we're still getting used to where everything is and all that. I got home and wolfed down a sandwich, then told LittleLove we were going to the store. So we got coupons together and prepared to go. Once in the car, I headed in the direction of Wally World, then commented that Target might have what we need. I turned in near target, but kept going - and that's the point I think LL realized we weren't going there. Anyway, past Target to the theater, I check the sign and don't see Hero listed. I'm a bit confused, since I know I'm on the right road and have the right theater chain. So we head back out down the road for a bit, then turn in and stop while LL checks their phone. We come to realize it is probably the one on the OTHER side of the highway - closer to home. So we head back that way, and are able to get in and seated right about the advertised showtime. Of course, we're the only ones in the theater. The staff takes their time getting to the previews, which don't start until 10 mins after we're in there. After the 15 mins of previews, including a ludicrous and nonsensical MPAA anti-piracy ad (or was it anti-download? it's really hard to tell what point they were trying to make), the movie starts.

First of all, I liked it. I think. I want to see it again and pay more attention to the beginning for the use of colors, since they become so important later on. There are some very... cinematic... moments. The sound was either incredible or horrible, I'm not sure. Several times I though something was actually happening in the back of the theater. It was interesting, but distracting. I had a few issues with plot and dialogue which interrupted my suspension of disbelief, as well. The combat was decent, and took a slightly different and stylized approach than I recall seeing before. I had some issues with small stuff such as how much sword tips wavered in the hands of so-called 'experts' who had mastered speed and precision to an inhuman level. My main issue was with the King/Emporer/whatever - there's a section in which I feel he becomes very whiny. Otherwise, I loved the character. The Jet Li character struck me as having both good and bad moments - I'm not sure which one won out in the end. The other major issue I have is the sheer number of arrows in the arrow scenes - I'm sorry, but 500 archers do NOT generate 10K+ arrows from a single volley. The CGI arrows were decent, but I think they tried too hard to make them seem realistic with varying flight paths, and ruined the black cloud effect by drawing attention to those bits.

We did end up going to the store after, but I crashed soon after we go home due to this damn lingering headache. It's been off and on all day every day since Sat or so. I wanted to take a turn on the shiatsu massage chair, but ended up forgetting until after I was almost asleep.

I woke up around 3am, and got up for a bit before I felt tired enough to head back to bed.

I woke up just before my alarm and turned it off, and slept in a bit. I got to work and was just a minute or so too late to get my normal parking spot.

Now I'm just kinda bored, I've got stuff coming up to do, but no real data or urgency yet. I'm also feeling quite not up to digging into php code today, so no progress there.

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