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new He-Man movie

interesting way to Generate Secure Passwords/phrases

On to me.

I hate working with other people's code. I'm looking for some sort of wiki-like thing to use on one of my sites, and a CMS to use on another. That lead to some research today. Ugh. Can nothing be done easily? The interfaces and install instructions to this crap are horrible. One of them has 16 directories in its root, along with 359 files!


Speaking of which, it's the same old story around here. It's kind of funny and sad that changing companies really didn't change all that much. We're fighting for our test environment, and the network people seem to think it's their job to restrict us - the primary users. WTG! Luckily, the boss is on it. Hopefully, we can escalate enough to drum some sense into their heads. If not, we're not going to be getting a whole lot done.

I got a bit done earlier, but then had meetings and lunch interrupt my workflow. ATM, I'm sitting around waiting for the next meeting. Trying to keep occupied, but reluctant to start anything big. If I'm feeling it, I'd rather keep working on what I'm doing than have to try to pick it up again later.

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