Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Boring day so far. The weekend was uneventful. Played some Kohan and DDR Extreme US. Watched Nightbreed and some One Piece. Hung curtains.

I had a headache off and on pretty much the entire weekend for some reason. I ended up taking a nap here and there to help ease it off.

Talked to RedneckNinja for a bit. Missed a call from Haha.

I may actually be doing work this week at work, which would be a welcome change. I'm starting to stall a bit on my personal projects. I'm in the middle of several changes at the same time, and really haven't been concentrating well on any of them.

We have a team meeting in 5, then we're probably heading out to lunch.

I need to hit WalMart today or tomorrow, as I'm down to a critically low level of snack bars.

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