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Donkey Konga afternoon

We've basically been playing DK nonstop since we hooked it up. It's kinda fun, then I had the bright idea to start the challenge mode. Challenge mode is every song in the game back-to-back. Ugh, that was boring. There are some horrible songs in there. 33 total, I believe. In any case, we did hook up the DVD component video cable before starting, but have yet to put DDR Extreme in.

I've gotten a rather annoying heading that refuses to go away. We're starting on dinner, and I took the rent check over so it was taken care of before late fees started happening. There may be a few other Real Life things to do today before we can settle in and play some Extreme. I fear I'll be using the controller mostly, as my foot is still bothering me off and on. LittleLove can use the Cobalt Flux pad.

I'd like to get the next map in Kohan II done today as well. There should be time tomorrow for a trip to Walmart for snack bars and to hang curtains and wall decorations.

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