Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

Useless People Suck

I got up early today. Out early, too. Actually took the dog for a little walk before I went in. The trash, which should have been collected yesterday, was still there. Got to work, and I couldn't get in the door. I had to wait until someone else showed up, then follow them in. I was occupying myself when someone stopped by to tell me that I was supposed to be in training - now. I went, then headed home for lunch.

So we noticed a whole bunch of sawing through various parts of the road in our complex yesterday, but had no idea what it was for. We found out today - when I went home for lunch, they had blocked off our entire driveway and were in process of pouring new concrete curbs. LittleLove couldn't get their car out to get to their interview.

I headed off to the bank, since the idiot who set my account up yesterday forgot to give me starter checks. I didn't have to wait too long, and they gave my 3 times as many as they initially said they would.

Then I get back to work, and have a call from the cable people. It seems that the technician was on the way to install the cable modem. Oh, and they needed a payment of $36. I informed them that they failed to mention that when I set up the appointment, and I was not sure if there was money on hand to pay for it. They asked if the technician should cancled, and I told them (HELL) no. I call LittleLove, and they have the cash so it's okay.

I get a text message from LittleLove a bit later - the technician didn't bring any cable. Duh. Then I get another one - they can't get the stupid thing to work. It turns out that something outside is FUBARed, and they have to bring another (better) technician out to fix that. Sometime in the next 48 hours. Riiiiiiiight.

So I'm just annoyed that I STILL don't have access at home.

Ah well, I'm downloading more UT2k4 maps today. LittleLove and I tried pretty much every one I snagged yesterday. There was a really neat one called something like temple of trials - an assault map with a bunch of Indiana Jones - style tasks to get through to hit the goals. We got stuck (after cheating to get through another section, just because we wanted to see what the entire map held) in this room that is tiled with glass. It's a huge, subdivided, glass cube. You can't really tell if there is glass in front of you or not until you run into it. After emploring that for awhile, we both got motion sick and went to bed.

This afternoon, I had more training, and a meeting witht he HR person which ended up being canceled. I'm not getting the meeting makers for any of this stuff, which makes it hard to know what I'm supposed to be attending. I also just got my access card so I can get in the building whenever I want now.

I'm running a test, so I think I'll stop by my coworker's cube to see what's going on the head home.

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