Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

Early Nite

Had an early night last night. LittleLove grilled some chicken and had some veggies done just after I got home. I took a turn in the shiatsu chair before eating. We played some UT2k4 after dinner - I REALLY like the Convoy Assault map, and the Mothership one is neat as well. I think we'll need to get more maps downloaded, as we've played a few times on most of the ones we have.

The cable company called, so we went ahead and made an appointment for broadband to be installed on Fri. Joy. They had a choice of specials, which I'm not sure were all that great, but ah well. No TV service, just broadband. LittleLove has been working through various anime DVDs I have, so we seem to be okay.

Today at work, I've actually had stuff to do. The day is going by reasonably quickly. The boss is out, and I've been making improvements and discussing them with my coworker. Looks like they're ready to make changes to their project in a similar vein in order to be more effecient and logical about how various details in the test scripts are handled.

I actually remembered my snack bars today, so I'm doing pretty well - had a headache going on yesterday off and on due to not eating like I should. Hopefully this puts me back on track - I've been eating irregularly and consuming lots of junk lately.

I finally recovered my old USB key, but I can't remember my password to get into the password database. I know some of the characters and strings in it, but not the correct combination of such. The one brute force tool I found was immediately deleted be the AV software here at work, so I may need to give that a try at home. I'm looking for a good brute force app that can work on another window, and a good wordlist generator that can take input to produce the list.

Coworker just stopped by, so I suppose I'll kick another test off then go see what's up with them.

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