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Packing It In For The Night

Got mostly clothes packed last night. Did some rearranging, and finished breaking down the last pieces of the entertainment center (line conditioner, etc). I was about to start putting all the various videogame stuff in the tub when LittleLove contacted me.

I ended up going over to their place for a few hours to 'help' them pack. It mostly consisted of me trying to throw everything away, and them trying to keep everything. *sigh* Packrats are we all.

We got about 3-4 boxes packed and taped, with another one for stuff to sell and another one of stuff to toss. There was also a pile left that was going to stay at the grandparent's place. Then we had a discussion on stress levels and not seeing much of each other since we got back, before we headed out to 'pick up some fruit.'

I got home kinda late and crashed. Slept better than I have the past few nights, although I did wake up around the same time I have been due to hearing what I thought was my phone. At least I was able to go more or less right back to sleep after I checked it out.

Which is not to say that I wanted to get up and out to work this morning... But I forced myself to anyway.

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