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Yeah, I had a fire going under my own ass last night. I was moving around and getting things done, which was what I needed to do.

I ended up getting a call about the bedroom set, and made a deal for it. Not as much as I wanted, but I feel a WHOLE lot better about being able to fit everything into the truck now. We'll have to take them across the street on Mon.

Looks like people are interested in the Fuji SLR camera and a couple of the computer parts, as well. It will be nice to have those out of the way.

I've got 2-3 people lined up to help pack the truck on Mon night. LittleLove doesn't have to work like they thought they did, so hopefully they can get their stuff done early.

I'm figuring on 1/2 day on Mon for myself, so that will give some time for last-minute stuff before picking up the truck and all that. With enough people helping, we should be done with the truck in 1-2 hours. I'm not sure how long cleanup will take, but that's a matter for LittleLove and I - don't want to keep people around needlessly.

Hopefully we can knock the cleaning out quickly and get to bed early, since we're planning on leaving 6am Tues in order to make it to the apt before it closes and pick up the keys. I'm really hoping Oz and/or RedneckNinja is available to come up and help us unpack the truck. Really, we only need help on the big items - TV, entertainment center, etc. We can handle the rest, it's just that more people gets it over with quicker.

I'm still trying to figure out how to handle the fragile stuff - computers, electronics that I don't have boxes for, and pictures/wall hangings. I may have some room in the cab with the cats, but since LittleLove has their dog in the car, we can't pack it full. I normally just use my car for such things, but of course it is already up there.

So... Yeah, just a million little details driving me out of my mind. I've got about 4 open boxes at home that I need to finish packing tonight so I can have some space to put more down to hold the rest of the stuff. I'm waiting on some of the stuff, like work clothes, bathroom supplies, food in the kitchen, etc, until I'm done with using them.

It's kind of tricky, but should turn out okay.

I'll probably return my cable modem tomorrow in order to not have the distraction so I can concentrate on packing. I have a feeling I'll need to go over and 'help' LittleLove get their stuff done. I also want to see how much they have so I can start planning the truck packing. I think it will be tight, even without my bedroom set.

Work is prett uneventful. I really don't have much to do at all. I'm just hanging out for a few hours then heading either home or to the store - I think I need a bit more food for myself and the cats to last until Tues. I'm keeping myself busy at work by looking up details and directions and printing maps and such.

Tomorrow, I'll need to start the whole calling the set up utilities and such. I think we'll try to skip cable to start with and maybe hold off on the cable modem for a few days as well. Without those, we might actually be able to concentrate on the unpacking and getting settled.

Looks like the nearest IKEA is 1.5 hours away, so we may have to shop for cheap bedroom furniture elsewhere. I've got some ideas along those lines already, so it should turn out okay.

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