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I was going to do this right

But I'm actually somehow in the mood to Get Shit Done, so I'll make it quick.

Friday - LittleLove got off work early, so we left early. Got to the far side of town before hitting traffic, then we were past it without too much delay. Did stop to eat, though. We stopped a few extra times, but managed to make it all the way up there.

Saturday morning, rolled into town around 2-something. We were beat, and proceeded to look for a hotel. Alas, there were a few events in town and all the hotels were full. We finally grabbed a room just for the night and crashed around 4am.

Saturday, dragged ourselves out of bed and found a grocery store. Stocked up on apt hunting books and such, then went to lunch. It was a Thai/Chinese place - half the menu for each. I ordered fish, and got a whole one from teeth to tail. Included bones, which sucked. Was meh. We went apt hunting for a few hours. Ended up liking the last place the best.

Saturday evening - napped, worked out plan for next day, went to Outback for dinner. Went back to hotel and crashed hard.

Sunday - Up and out, off to Panera for breakfast/lunch, then out to look at more apts. Decided on the first one we looked at, and were denied. Ended up at the last one from previous day, and filled out paperwork. TGIFriday's for dinner, then airport.

Sunday night - arrived, drove home, dropped LittleLove off, then came home and crashed hard.

Monday morning - couldn't sleep, finally dozed off just before alarm. went to work.

Now - packed up the DVDs, and looking to get everything else I can packed up in boxes ASAP. Hope to do a few boxes tonight before I run out of energy.

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