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Loose Endz

Notified the apt complex. I owe them about $1600 as expected.

Got a rental truck lined up for the move. Ended up with Budget, since U-Haul decided to gouge prices to the tune of $100 more than last time I checked. I've always used U-Haul, so this should be interesting.

LittleLove dropped off some stuff earlier for this weekend's trip. We have directions, a plan, and a return flight.

Went to Hayward's for lunch with S and LittleLove.

Next Thurs is my going away lunch. At Hayward's. Heh.

I finally was able to watch Olympic Fencing. The commentary sucked hardcore, just like every other Olympic event I've seen. In any case, it was interesting to see fencing at that level. I think LittleLove got bored since it's pretty hard to watch if you haven't done it. It was team sabre, so it was mostly full-on rushes. There were a few interesting points with defensive moves, though. I think the US-French final included a blade break which injured the French competitor, who went on to win. Idiots didn't mention a thing about it in the commentary. They also chooped up the matches to only show the last 10 or so touches, which sucked.

Anyway, I finally got around to starting to pack up the dishes. I cleaned the catbox in preparation for the trip. We're leaving after work/dinner tomorrow. I'll get home first and pack up the car, LittleLove will come over after work and we'll head to dinner. We'll eat dinner while the traffic clears, then head out in both cars to the airport. We'll drop one car off there, probably in the garage. $18 a day sucks, but we're getting in late on Sun and won't want to mess with long term parking by that point. We both have to work the next day. We might save some cash and just do Circle instead, not sure yet.

We hope to hit quite a few apt complexes on Sat, then make our final decision on Sun. We should be able to put the deposit down and coordinate the move-in date before we leave.

I may do a bit more packing of the kitchen after a snack, then I may crash early or just veg. Next week, I'll be stepping up the packing effort. I hope LittleLove can get some boxes from work and get theirs done as well.

I've been fighting a headache for quite a bit of the day, bleh.

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