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That Pussy Is A Bitch


LittleLove and I thought we'd bring their cat over to meet mine. In short, it didn't go well.

I don't know why their cat freaked out and such, but both of us have scars to prove the fact. I ended up having to put on my fencing gear just to get the stupid thing off of my lovely new tv and into the freaking carrier.

I love my cats, they're so mellow.

Then, as LittleLove had left with the animal in question, I decided to disassemble my entertainment center. While I was pulling various cords out of the receiver, I ended up getting the guard for the network cable under my nail - thus obtaining yet another bleeding wound. Only this one stung for a bit.


I talked to the offer people, and they're supposed to get back to me with an update. The slight delay in start date was deemed okay. I have a few more calls to make for more info and such. I pretty much told them I'd be accepting, but I thought I'd go ahead and ask for another 2k since they wouldn't do relo. I'm waiting until tomorrow or wed to tell my current employer.

I think LittleLove might tell their employer today, just so that is covered.

I went and got some phone accessories today at a 33% discount, which was nice. Got a holster for LittleLove, a car charger for Haha, and a case and a car charger for myself.

Had Chinese for lunch.

I'm finishing up some investigative tests today. It appears as if I won't be making the numbers I should due to system limitations, so I'll just have to report that tomorrow and let them figure it all out.

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