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Go Tit

So yeah, that FedEx thing was my offer. It got it. It's good, even more than I expected. There's even a bonus, making it even sweeter. The only problem is that it has me starting on Aug 30. If I give two week's notice on Monday, then it's possible I could make it - but I have no time to move. So I'll have to call them either today or Monday and figure that all out.

LittleLove and I made up. Not sure what was going on, but we managed to go back to being happy sunny instead of pissed and such. We decided that we're both going to move up there, and went out to Kyoto to celebrate. Then we had a drink or two when we got back, and promptly crashed. Early. On a Fri Night. Ah well. Seemed to be necessary for both of us.

I finished the Pratchett book I picked up yesterday at Half Price. It was good, but I still want to read the newest one or two that I haven't gotten to yet. I've already packed away most of my books, and I really should be continuing that process now.

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