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Quick Trip

So... I made it back alive. I ache - especially my feet. Damn dress shoes.

Anyway, it went okay. I'm supposed to hear back by end of week if I got it or not.

It has its good and bad points, so we'll see. I want to ponder it a bit more anyway, so I'm glad I have the time to do so.

I was really pissed off when they fucked up calling a cab to take me back to the airport, and then I had to pay for it. I think I'm over it. I sent an email from my phone to the headhunter, and I just saw they wrote me back saying they'll get a check to me. So, it all turned out.

They took me out to lunch. BBQ. It was... different. Decent, but different. I think I'd get along okay with the two people who would be my primary coworkers, although I can already tell there's a few people around there I wouldn't mesh with so well.


I have to, if you can believe this, fill out a basic application and send it back to them. Why is beyond me. Ah well, I'll work on it tonight or tomorrow.

Now, I'm hungry and have a day of online to catch up with - not to mention hanging comments I haven't gotten back to yet.

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