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Yeah, I'm still beat. I fell asleep yesterday after work while lying on the floor after having packed up the Lynx stuff. My back was killing me, so I tried to get it to relax... Next thing I know, I'm waking up.

I got the Lynx stuff packed, shipped out the Laser Tag stuff, and also went through another couple binders and tossed about 500 more discs.

While I was taking the trash out, I grabbed a few misc things that were lying about and tossed them as well.

Tonight, I need to get the last of the Lynx games from Morphine, re-inventory them all, and do the final packging/taping/etc. I'd like to get through the last binder, and at least start on cleaning up my server.

LittleLove is taking Tiger and Enigma in for their shots in a few hours. I'm sure they'll just love that.

Still haven't been sleeping worth anything. I tried drugging myself to sleep last night, with some small success. The problem is that I still don't feel rested today.

Hopefully, it will be okay after Monday. Monday is going to be a long day, to be sure.

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