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I've been unfaithful. I feel really bad about it, though.

I ate Chinese at a different restaurant on Saturday - not my usual place.

LittleLove's parent was in town, and we went out to eat. I didn't have much choice but to go with. I didn't pay, though - their grandparent did.

We ended up hanging out for awhile, then I went home for some reason or other. Hung out on Sun as well, before they left. They left a pot boiling and came back to a house full of smoke.

After they left, we hung around at my place for a bit. We ended up getting some things done, somewhat unexpectedly. I rediscovered all the Lynx stuff, and found some games were missing. (Located them today in the posession of Rodimus and Morphine) I ended up tearing the place apart looking for all that. We also hooked up the Component cables to both PS2's and the audio cables back to the receiver from the TV.

Then we did the Finding Nemo thing. I'm impressed with the THX tests included on that disc. I set up the audio/video tweaks to make things look a bit better. Then LittleLove watched the movie while I did the painful, unthinkable task... I went through 2 of my 265 CD binders and started tossing discs into the trash. Ouch, that hurt.

I probably tossed 400 or so. Stuff I'd never used, never looked at, that sucked, older versions, etc.... All went. I knew I had to do it sometime, but it still wasn't fun actually doing it. I knew a week or two ago when I was trying to play an MP3 off of a disc and it wouldn't play on any of my players or computers. Discs degrade, and so the data is pretty much gone anyway.

Guess one of my next tasks should be making fresh backups of stuff I want to keep.

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