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Oh yeah, and I called to get my cable turned off today (TV only, I don't know how I'd deal without cable modem) and I was very surprised. The person asked for my address, etc and then the question I knew was coming - "Was there any reason you wanted to cancel the service?" My reply, I thought, should lead them straight into the retention offer pitch - "I just don't watch $40 worth of cable each month." Their reply? "Ok, then we'll just disconnect you, no problem."

What?!?! They didn't even TRY to offer me a deal to keep my service. WTF? It seems to demonstrate that they don't want my business, for whatever reason. Sad, sad, sad.

So I stopped paying as of today, and it will be disconnected in a few days.

Saving $40 per month until I move, at least.

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