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Travel Summary

32,987 miles Sat July 3, 2004
2:38pm leaving home towards Louisville

LittleLove maanged to get out of work at a reasonable time, and we left sooner than expected. An auspicious start, all things considered.

Then, of course, we hit traffic. And by traffic, I mean full-on, brake-lights-for-miles, slowly-crawling-a-few-feet-at-a-time, those-bastards-and-their-summer-construction traffic. We eventually made it through, but it was rough there for a bit.

On the way, we listened to the sample CDs I got with my Johnny Socko order awhile back. Some okay stuff, but nothing too interesting.

We made a stop for gas somewhere in MO, and also grabbed some Wendy's.

We took an alternate route around StL recommended by a coworker. I was initially skeptical, but it turned out to be a Good Thing. We rocked through the area instead of being stuck in traffic.

The whole trip, we saw these huge dark clouds, but didn't actually end up driving through much rain. We did manage to see a number of rainbows, including a double and a single at the same time! That was really neat, and one of those moments I wish I'd had my camera out or a camera phone handy.

We stopped again for gas somewhere in there, and called RedneckNinja to verify the details of getting to their place. I was getting tired by this time, and was thankful that LittleLove was there to navigate.

33,534 miles Sat July 3, 2004
11:01pm (local time) arriving Louisville

RedneckNinja was standing outside as we drove by. We drove by due to the fact that there were more and newer houses around than last time I'd been there.

As we were exhausted, we grabbed out stuff and headed inside. Got briefly reacquainted with the rents, staked out our sleeping spots, and chatted for a bit before turning in.

33,534 miles Sun July 4, 2004
7:00am (local time) breakfast in Louisville

I woke up early, and was hungry. I tried to wake LittleLove, who insisted that I wake up RedneckNinja first. I tried to wake Redneckninja, who insisted that I wake up LittleLove first. Eventually, we wandered out to breakfast. Cracker Barrel, I believe it was. It was decent enough, I suppose.

We wandered back and played around with the PS2 for a bit, then it was time for lunch. We decided to head into town and hit Hooter's. Lunch was amusing, as they were playing a hot dog eating contest on the tvs. Then we went booze shopping before heading towards the hotel so we knew where it was. After that, it was back to the house.

We then packed up all our crap and headed to the hotel. Checking in took forever due to some stupid indecisive person afead of us. We got our room, carted the stuff in, and showered. We definately needed that shower. Then we napped for a bit before heading back to the house.

We were called upon to pick up some items from the store pretty much as soon as we got there. As we headed out, the heavens opened and pissed upon us all. We managed to find the various items needed, and headed back to the house to wait out the storm.

Thankfully, it broke for a bit and we warmed up with some bottle rockets. Then it was time to eat. It was good to have grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and steaks.

After dinner, we headed out for the main show. I have no idea how many firecrackers and bottle rockets we let off. We also did 12 shots from the mortar and 2 full packages of roman candles. We tried timing stuff to go off at the same time, and just generally had a lot of fun. Oh, and beer.

After our firebug nature was quelled for a bit, we changed venues over to the hotel. We didn't bring the PS2 due to the TV not having RCA jacks, but we did end up watching American Chopper for a bit... Kept drinking, then storytime started.

It was fun, just relaxing and chatting for a few hours. I believe RedneckNinja and I played a game or two of MTG in there somewhere, as well. Eventually, we were exhausted and went to bed.

33,534 miles Mon July 5, 2004
10:00am (local time) leaving Louisville

Packed our stuff, checked out, dropped RedneckNinja off at home and left town. I had free breakfast from the hotel that I had snagged before crashing.

The drive was pretty uneventful. I called Goofy as we were leaving town to see what was going on. We agreed to lunch as soon as we made it in town.

We did have to make one stop - LittleLove was feeling a bit... under the weather... Dehydrated, sick to the stomach, that sort of thing. They had me pull over at a gas station so they could be motionless for a bit, then we headed inside. I snagged them some water and crackers (at something like 800% markup) while they were in the bathroom. They felt MUCH better after, and we continued on our way without incident.

33,677 miles Mon July 5, 2004
1:00pm (local) arriving Cincy

We were really hurting by the time we limped into town - all kinds of hungry, tired, and blah. Made it to Goofy's place just before Miki pulled up, and just after Hayama had arrived. We went inside for a few to deliver the LD played and discs, then packed into the minivan and headed out to lunch.

Luckily, we ended up picking Roadhouse, which was close and decent. Had a good lunch, all told. Then we went over to Jungle Jim's to browse and such. LittleLove and I were nearly dead by then, and we all headed back to the house.

I think we watched bits of random unmarked videotapes for awhile, and chatted... Then I fell asleep for a bit. Some time later, we had grilled hotdogs and corn for dinner, and T showed up.

About the last thing we accomplished for the evening was to watch Battle Royale. It is good to watch again, to be sure. Then we crashed hard.

33,789 miles Tues July 6, 2004
???am (local) waking up in Cincy

I heard Goofy get up and head to work, and I heard Miki rummaging about as well. I drifted in and out of sleep for quite a time before finally getting up and taking a shower.

LittleLove got up and showered a bit after me, and we started to pack up and such. Miki got us directions to a nearby Arby's for breakfast/lunch and then we were on our way.

Arby's was food, which we definately needed. I called RedneckNinja to let them know we were heading out. Then we started out towards Indy and passed another Arby's. Ah well.

The drive was interesting, as it had us taking all these back roads and such instead of the interstates. Saw all sorts of weird local stuff. But, we made really good time.

33,789 miles Tues July 6, 2004
2:30pm (local) arriving Indy

Jingoro was nowhere to be found when we arrived. I knew they said they had a meeting, but I was pretty sure they'd miss it. Called RedneckNinja, who hadn't even showered yet. Called Ankh, who was busy at work. So we decided to tour campus and a bit of the city.

Came back to Jingoro's a bit later, and they were home. They had gone out for lunch when we arrived, go figure. We sat and chatted and such for a bit, and I convinced them to order HDLoader and talk to RedneckNinja about it. I didn't mention that they were inbound, so it was amusing to hear them calling and leaving a message minutes before RN arrived at their place. We demoed Mad Maestro and Curry House to them and such. The most interesting tidbit was a $5 videogame sale at CC.

It was getting to be dinner time, and we were starving. So we discussed eating establishments. The result was some Teppanyaki plae in town. Now, let me just say that I was skeptical up front about Teppanyaki in the college town. I went anyway, but...

We got there, and it was DEAD. We were the only patrons in the place. We ordered, etc and all that. The tables were cheap halfassed jobs, not even proper grill tables - they looked like they'd been hacked out of regular tables. The atmosphere was okay, we were right by an add-on air conditioner that really helped once the grill got going.

The edamame wasn't very good at all. They gave us free sushi, which Jingoro and RedneckNinja said was okay. The show was pretty good - the chef had some interesting variations I hadn't seen, which was nice. And he tried really REALLY hard. The waitperson was okay. The food was okay.

We sat arround chatting and eating for quite awhile. I go up to hit the bathroom, and told the waitress I wanted a 'fruit plate' from the menu, as it was LittleLove's birthday. According the menu, the fruit plate is a plate of various fruit that also comes with the staff singing a song and a polariod photo. I went to the bathroom and came back to the table grinning. I think RedneckNinja may have picked up on something going on, but Jingoro and LittleLove didn't.

As soon as the gong went off, LittleLove knew. They hit me, in fact, along with glaring. RedneckNinja just grinned, and Jingoro started laughing. The staff came out with a big gong and a plate of oranges. The dropped off the plate, had LittleLove use the gong, and we all sang happy birthday. Then LittleLove whacked the gong fairly hard, did better on the second try.

I was satisfied, LittleLove was embarrased and enjoying it at the same time, and everyone else was just amused. The bill was standard for Teppanyaki, but I'd rather go to Kyoto any day for that price. Still, it was a nice dinner with friends.

We headed to the mall for a bit, after. Found the DDR machine, and also managed a game of Whirlwinid pinball and Tetris. LittleLove got a call on my phone from their grandparent about then. Nothing serious. I had my Tevas on, and so sucked horribly at DDR - needed to have my other shoes instead. Jingoro and RedneckNinja disappeared for a bit twice, and came back with one of the Ruroni Kenshin DVD boxes.

Then we headed to Jingoro's place. We chilled for a bit, then LittleLove and I headed to Ankh's. Got there and chilled with Ankh and Oz for awhile, then headed back to Jingoro's. Hung around with everyone for a bit, then we put the futon out and crashed.

33,789 miles Wed July 7, 2004
9:00am (local) showering in Indy

I got up and showered, then we started packing. RedneckNinja woke up and chatted for a bit, but Jingoro was out cold. Got the stuff in the car, said bye, and headed out to CC. Scored some great deals, called RN to tell them, and got on the road.

A couple hours later, we stopped for gas and such. I realized that I couldn't go on driving as I was - entirely too tired. So I told LittleLove, and they decided to drive for a bit while I napped. We switched before leaving Indiana, and I woke up just as we were getting into Missouri. Not a bad deal.

We stopped again for gas and food, and then I drove the rest of the way home.

34,359 miles Wed July 7, 2004
8:45pm arriving home

Exits 78b and 31 had the best fireworks deals that we saw the entire trip. I don't think anything else noteworth happened - we were dead by the time we arrived. I think dinner was at a Denny's somewhere in there. Ended up calling a few people to let them know we made it, unpacked the car, and crashed hard.

Total Miles: 1372
All in all, we had a good trip. LittleLove got to meet many of my friends, and I got to visit with them again. We had fun, it was good to get out of town and away from work and such for a bit.

No pictures, the camera was in my backpack in the trunk for most of the trip. There were a few shots I wanted to take, but was more interested in relaxing and enjoying than documenting.

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