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I'm beat.

Came home after work and crashed with Tiger for a bit. Ate, then waited for the person to call about the job. After 30 mins, I stopped waiting and went to LittleLove's. They were out getting car cleaning stuff, and when they got back we realized they forgot some stuff. So we ended up going to Wally world to get that stuff, then they started on my car while I took theirs to my place to make sandwiches for us both. I returned and read Maxim while they washed, then I helped with waxing and Rain-Xing. It was very dark by the time we finished that, and they continued on to put on the tire foam and clean my windshield.

I was beat, so I called it a night and headed home. There's still more to do on my car, let alone theirs. I'm remembering why I usually pay someone else to do this stuff for me - it's like work.

Anyway, if I can stay awake I'll be vegging or something... Most likely, however, I will be crashing hard RSN.

But my car.. .it looks SO damn sexy!

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