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Eureka! (aka Sometimes I Wonder)

So the solution was to RTFM. Talk about nonintuitive, you have to set the component input to 'VIDEO' for all your inputs that you want upconverted to component. Meanwhile, even if you DO select 'Component OSD,' the OSD doesn't appear on the component output until the video source is set such. Luckily, they allow you to see the menu options on the front panel display so you can still navigate and set everything up while you're otherwise blind.

Old TV
Before, the old TV, etc.

Old TV
Empty Space - something needs to go here.

They finally show!

Old TV
Red Carpet service.

The unboxing.

There It Is!
It works.

Setup Is Complete
The Complete Setup.

Oh, and the extra toys I let the salesperson talk me into:
Monster Power
Monster Power line conditioner with LED display.

Component Cable
Monster Component Cable.

Finally, All The Pics.

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