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Yeah, it's been annoying.

I went home last night, and stopped at EB to pick up my KR2 preorder. Nope, not in yet. I proceeded to the apt office to pick up my package. Nope, not in yet. I was unimpressed.

Got home, checked on the tub and sink. Nope, not fixed yet. I was beyond words - really annoyed.

Was chilling, trying to relax and calm down when LittleLove arrived. Evidently, their phone is out now. Joy.

We chilled for a bit, then a wave of exhaustion came over me. My eyes started aching, and I really didn't want to do anything. LittleLove, however, did. It was uncomfortable for an hour or two, then we started watching Red Dwarf, and it was okay again.

Evidently, my free spare mattress is a Full, since it is slightly smaller than my normal Queen. It is pretty comfortable, and on top of my other mattress it is out of the way a bit. We'll have to lug it downstairs and set it up in the middle of the living room next week for Haha.

I went to bed early, and slept okayish. Got up early, and headed in to work.

Puttered around a bit, then decided to start getting work done. Of course, nothing was working by that time. I ended up having to open a ticket, and got stuck o nthe damn bridge.

Handed the bridge over to a coworker and left for lunch. Decided to do the EB/Panera thing. Got my KR2. A word about EB... The manager there isn't very personable, but he seems to be trying. Yesterday, he pretty much siad I'm SoL and to come back the next day since the website always lists the day before the items come out. Today, he told me that he kept a copy of KR2 back for me "to be nice." As if I owed him a favor for it or something. Then, I whipped out my preorder receipt and he says "Oh, then I did jack-all for you." THEN he says "Oh, you didn't preorder it here, you have to go to the OTHER mall to get your $5 back." ?WTF?

Anyway, so I guess I need to head over to this other mall to get my $5 back. I'm considering just taking the game back there and getting a refund. I can always go to BB or CC or somewhere and get it there instead. I dislike being jerked around like that.

I was going to head home, but I decided to just go ahead and come back to work. It lets me leave much earlier, and I can pick up my package and relax and home quicker.

My PS2 is acting up a bit, which concerns me. I may need to adjust or replace the dvd drive. All the more reason to get the HD installed and running with the games I'll be playing most of the time.

My eBay auctions end tomorrow, I think. They're starting to climb towards reserve, so I'm feeling a bit better about them. I still wish people would just buy it now and get it over with, though. Hopefully, I can get some money in the paypal account to cover the other auctions I have yet to pay.

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