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Bah, and stuff

My bathroom sink and tub are clogged again. Called in maint request yesterday, but it still wasn't done by the time I left this morning. Had to lock the kitties up for the day again.

My DivX player's remote doesn't work anymore. Put new batteries in, tried various angles, etc. The light comes on, but it doesn't do anything.

I've been feeling sickly or something - eye aching and dry, sickly and headachy in the afternoon/late evening.

I got tired of the extra bed, so I put it on top of mine. It's not bad, sleeps pretty well - althogh it is a bit shorter than mine.

LittleLove cooked again, and did well. I finished off the last of the leftovers yesterday.

I've been playing Jade Cocoon 2, which is sort of a FF-meets-MR kinda game. It is pretty interesting, and it's good to relax to - it's not very hard, but you can put quite a bit of thought into combinations and strategy.

Karaoke Revolution 2 comes out today. I preordered it, but the store I preordered from closed. I wonder...

Watched more One Piece last night, and I'm now finally caught up to where I was before. The end of the Kurahadol/Usopp introduction, that is. Hopefully, LittleLove and I will be able to get into new episodes soonish.

I bought some more various cat toys the other day, and Enigma likes one. It's nice to see him relaxed and playing instead of freaking out at everything. The reminder came in to take them to the vet for shots and such, so I need to find time for that.

I've got a nibble on a contract-to-hire job in WI. I'm being cautious about it, but the way things are going here... It may be the better option.

There's a possibility of changing jobs within the company to something more fun, and I'm wanting that. Of course, there will be more travel and more pressure as well...

Haha comes in next week to visit. Here's hoping that goes well.

I haven't really been at the computer much at home lately. I've been playing all these new PS2 games or doing other stuff AFK. I've got a partial post regarding the trip saved, which I really need to finish. It's just that there's so much I want to put in there that I can't find the motivation to start in on it. I've also been busyish at work, so there isn't much time to sit down and do it here.

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