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Water like Money

Well, to balance things off I went ahead and decided to finally list some stuff on eBay since they're having a 10 cent listing deal today. Unfortunately, I missed the fine print about it only being for fixed price listings. Oops. Anyway, so some stuff is up - let's hope I didn't just waste $15 in listing fees.

Jingoro pointed out the Circuit City sale of $5 games when I was out visiting, so I partook... Quite a bit, in fact:

  • Jade Cocoon 2 PS2
  • Aqua Aqua PS2 - 3DO
  • Endgame PS2 - Guncon!
  • Parappa The Rapper 2 PS2 - eh, wth right?
  • Gungriffon Blaze PS2
  • Evergrace PS2
  • Project Eden PS2
  • Frequency PS2 - This was what I was hoping to get
  • Gitaroo Man PS2 - This was THE find since it goes for $45+ on ebay used
  • Space Channel 5 GBA

I figured for $5 it's like renting them... even if they suck and I sell them for $1, I didn't do too badly.

I also ordered a new 120Gig drive for my PS2 (I sold the 40Gig to Jingoro, even if they haven't paid me yet...) and a 1Gig USB Key from NewEgg. Added to all the gifts for LittleLove and the travel expenses, I pretty much blew my extra paycheck this month already.

I still want to get a new mobile phone this month - I may be 'rebadged' next month and lose my discount. Oh, and I need to pay off my car... tsk tsk.

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