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Well, that was fun...

RedneckNinja was a bit late due to some plumbing problems.... But arrived eventually. We went to Arby's then a pub, just hung out, discussed friends, life, etc... As always his stories had me rolling... The man is a very talented storyteller, no doubt about it. I'm borrowing his Johnny Socko CD's for the evening, and will hopefully be catching up again tomorrow before he heads back south.

Started a Tom Clancy book - _Netforce: Nightwatch_ ... So far, it's ok... I like the occasional modern day action novel, but... It's not my favorite genre.

Also Started Puzz3d: Neuschwanstein... Interesting little program. Too bad it's stuck in a crappy res that makes the pieces hard to see...

Hmm, Discovery has a bit about Chinese martial arts... I'll prolly catch it later. Which reminds me, the theatrical release of _Drunken Master_ is this weekend, must see it on the big screen.

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