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People Are Idiots

Yeah... It's THAT kind of day. The kind of day that has you thinking "Can people really be THAT stupid?" over and over again. In this case, it's pretty much everyone at work I've come into contact with today. One couldn't figure out the concept of a KVM, and took about an hour to simply rename 6 machines. Another put a datafile in the documents and settings subdirectory for the app, instead of the data directory for the app. Others have pretty much sat there and done nothing...

So, yeah. Great day so far.

To recap the past couple days, which I kept meaning to do and forgot...

Got the GC link working, and it's neat. Still haven't done too much with the DC link yet. HDLoader still works well, although I'm nearing capacity on my drive and I accidentally copied a few games onto it that aren't compatable.

Played some FF:CC and VJ on the GC. Interesting stuff. We played HotD2 on the GC last night for a bit, which was fun.

Gave LittleLove the stuffed Kimba I got awhile back.

Ordered yet more cables - S-Video for the GC, which means I can now hook up ALL my consoles and the A/V switch with S-Video - just need a TV with it or better.

Realized that Haha's b-day is Mon, and we still haven't gotten a card yet.

Life of Brian was playing locally in a theater last night, but we didn't make it. Hopefully it's playing again tonight....

LAN Party tomorrow.

I've been doing maintenance and such at work to prepare, since we're scheduled to start on the big project next week. Also completed my part of the quarterly review and have to meet with the boss next week to discuss it.

Haven't worked out the end of lease stuff yet, nor have I gotten the serpentine belt replaced or the tires rotated/balanced. This is stuff I want to do if we're taking a trip.

Still not sure about the 4th yet. RedneckNinja invited us out, so that's a possiblity. Alhough we've got a compressed schedule since LittleLove has to work on Sat. RedneckNinja also got good news about progress on the job they've been waiting for, so that's something at last.

I ordered the rest of LittleLove's gifts, and I can only hope they get here in time. I finally decided on which to get and went with them, so we'll see.

I'm behind on my bills, dammit. It annoys me when I do that - it's all my own fault, of course. So I'm going to try to cut spending a little bit and let July's 3 paychecks get me back on track. That should work out just about right. Of course, then there's LittleLove's b-day and Haha's visit to think about...

Anyway, just going to try to stay busy at work and get out of here early. I've been coming in early all week, so shouldn't be a big deal.

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