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Hmm well

Went out to DDR last night, and only ended up doing a couple rounds of PIU before leaving. We weren't in the mood for the crowd and line for the DDR machine.

Went home and watched some vids for a bit, then LittleLove left and I crashed.
Pretty uneventful.

I ended up 'installing' a couple games via HDLoader that aren't compatable (forgot to check the compat list before I installed), so I'll have to remove those. I also came across a disc that simply wouldn't read correctly, and so wouldn't 'install.' Still, the ones I've tried have worked great. I'm thinking I want FFXI.. but I also want a bigger HD, so not sure what to do. I'd also like to try it out on my import PS2.

Didn't get a chance to try the DC link or the GC thing last night - perhaps I will tonight instead. Or maybe I'll try it over lunch... hmm...

I got on KoL around 7am today, and it was blazing fast - MUCH better than when I get home around 4-5pm. It crawls then.

I actually did some work stuff already today... Starting to set up the lab machines for the next test, etc. Although, by doing that, I'm still avoiding working on my quarterly review.

Oh, and the latest news is that we're getting DL back for 3 months! That rocks, I miss working with them. The other news is that the Dev Manager I was hoping to be able to escape to walked out the other day. Not surprising, many on that team have walked... Just annoying for my backup plans.

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