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So, I was looking for some files I had on the server, and was puzzled because I couldn't find the directory I was fairly sure they were in. On further investigation, one of my HDs simply wasn't there. I didn't want to deal with it at the time, so I put it off until after work. I finally got around to it tonight. Sure enough, wasn't there. I powered down the machine, let it sit off for a few seconds, and powered it back on. Went into the BIOS menu, and it was listed. Went ahead and booted, and it was there just like it should have been all along. Strange.

HDLoader and the Nexus 4x came in today. I managed to find a spare 40Gig drive I had lying around, and put it in my PS2. HDLoader found it and formatted it, so hopefully it will work okay. I still need to get the drivers for the Nexus.

We're heading over to Rodimus' place in a few for some multiplayer Zelda action.

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