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No Subject Necessary

Nothing much to report, have been mostly taking it easy.

LittleLove helped me finish unlocking all the songs in KBMII on Light the other night. Last night, I unlocked all the songs but 2 on Light+. Those two, plus Real mode, will probably take a bit of extra work to unlock.

LittleLove is on a camping trip, and has been since early Fri. They're supposed to be back sometime tomorrow evening.

I took back the stupid GBA battery pack/charging stand I bought due to the fact that it didn't work AT ALL. After charging the recommended time, I tried to turn my GBA on. Nothing. Not even a blip of the power indicator. Put my old one back in, and it worked fine. Bleh. Ah well, it was cheap and they took it back without complaint.

I already got the PS2 multitap I ordered. 4 player Amplitude, oh yes.

I've got a few more things incoming - PS2 extenders, PS2 S-Video, DC S-Video.... Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, the DC Nexus 4x memcard with PC cable so I can download the extra songs for Samba De Amigo... And the HDLoader.

Oh, and I believe Karaoke Revolution 2 comes out next week - I preordered it.

Mmmm, listening to Red FM now from Auckland.

Cleaned the catbox, swapped the dishes out of/into the dishwasher, did some sweeping and such earlier. Tomorrow is laundry, as per usual. I may even vacuum.

Been playing lots and lots of KoL... I tried to do some market cornering last night, with limited success. I have yet to break even, but I'm close. Also got to chatting with some fun people, which made it even more fun.

Played quite a bit with Tiger today... dunno how we got into that mood, but it was nice. Also cuddled and napped off and on.

Took the trash out, then did more XR size than I have in quite a bit. Was refreshing, actually.

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