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Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok

This time it's not my fault, I swear. My laptop at home doesn't like LJ for some reason. I can ping it, but I can't bring up any pages of note. Can't read my friends list, can't update, etc. Strange.

The other day I found a copy of Mad Maestro, which seems to be the US version of Let's Bravo Music. It's fun, if a bit lacking. LittleLove played for a bit as well.

Last night, I was surprsied to have a note in my mailbox that I had a package waiting at the office. I've been waiting for a package for 2 weeks now... Could that be it, or was it one of my recent eBay purchases?

Stay tuned...

(commercial break)

Ok, we're back, and...

So it was the package I'd been waiting two weeks for, that supposedly had been shipped, then lost, then reshipped, then shipped to me. I checked the date, and it stated that it had been shipped on Monday, June 7. Riiiight. I'm starting to lose faith in the deputy service.

So I played a bunch of KBMII last night. Unlocked Fur de Elise, which is really tough to play due to the BPM being listed as "???" - which turns out to mean near-constant tempo changes. I played about half the songs to unlock them in free and training modes, and then LittleLove played for a bit. We crashed shortly after that.

Today, we went shopping over lunch. *yawn* I'm kinda worried about my eyes - they've been really dry and achy for awhile. The weather today is nice and rainy, if a bit too warm. I hope there's some good thunderstorms happening later when I'm home and can enjoy them.

I bought a new battery pack/charger stand for my GBA. It seemed to rock, and it was on sale for $10. The stupid thing doesn't work. At all. So I've got to take that back, as well. I already took back the one switch I got, having found it cheaper after rebate - and then throwing the UPC away before I sent the rebate in. Bleh.

Talked to Haha a bit yesterday, they're heading into Canada this weekend to visit relatives.

I've still been playing KoL, but have started slacking on AQ... And picked up Defend Your Castle as an alternate flash game. Currently, my best is finishing level 29 with 100 wizards, 100 archers, and 10 craftsmen. I probably have 200+ converts in reserve.

It's about time to head home and relax... I'm guessing I'll play some KBM2 and KoL, try to find a way to read my friend's list, and otherwise veg. Tiger's been really cuddly, so we'll probably nap.

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