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I ache.

Looks like I put off updating here for too long again.

Been actually working off and on at work, which is a change. LittleLove has relatives staying with them, so they've been occupied as well.

We bought them over the other night to play MTG, which was fun. As long as it's been since I played at all, it was even longer since I'd played 4 player.

Yesterday was the DDR party. Fun, although managing to disassemble, pack, transport, reassemble, play, disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble all of my stuff was quite an effort. In fact, it's all still sitting in my living room waiting to be unpacked and reassembled again.

That's one of my tasks for today. I also need to clean the catbox, bleh, and do laundry. I suppose I can work on the kitchen as well.

However, I'm still a bit sore from yesterday, and so I'm heading back to bed for a bit.

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