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Pat Turns

I saw two broken passenger-side tail-lights, and one driver-side one yesterday. It's things like this which make me want to check my own.

Work was NULL. I managed KoL, Stickman Murder Mystery, and tried a few other browser-based RPGs.

Chinese was lunch AND dinner, as I'd forgotten to take the bread out over lunch for my sandwiches.

LittleLove called to ask me to veg with them for a bit, so I went over and did so. We ended up counting money, heh.

I went back home and vegged, then out to Home Despot, DDR, and the bank. I was going to get gas, but the last place I stopped at had higher prices than others I'd seen on my errands. So, I waited.

Got home and vegged. Had the hockey game on when LittleLove called to chat for a bit. Crashed soon after.

Woke up entirely too bloody early again. Got to work a bit after 6am. At least I got a nice parking spot.

I've got meetings this afternoon from 1-5. Meh. Heading to meet LittleLove for BBQ lunch soonish. I'm hungry - getting up so early screws with my schedule.

Oh, and a 3rd post for the morning - got a WTF update.

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