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The Dragon's Fly

There was a dragonfly on the windowsill, looking forlorn as it tried to fly through the glass over and over again. There was an almost-palpable sense to frustration eminating from the creature, overridden only by despair. "Let me out," it said, "all I want is to be free." But there was no escape, and no one to help it. And so it continued, all afternoon, vainly trying to break the impenetrable barrier in front of it. Businessman after businesswoman walked past, and not one offered to help. Most were on their phones, or occupied with the lists of things they had yet to accomplish that day. These didn't notice the proud creature in its lowest moment. The few who were aware enough to notice reacted with revulsion and scorn, "How dare that beat intrude on my territory! It belongs outside, away from me. Someone should get rid of the thing," as they passed. And I was one of each, that day. For I failed to notice it on the way back - too preoccupied with thoughts not of the moment. On the way out, I saw it as an annoyance - a problem to be solved. Then, it hit. I knew. I saw the situation for what it was, in the moment. And I longed, for one brief moment, to have been prepared to capture it and share with others. But it was not to be, and I returned to my unmomentary thoughts with only a small bit of empathy for the marvelous creature.

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