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Forgot.. well, put off updating for too long again.

I forget what I was going to post... hmmm.

Managed to roll a 60 in Gambler De Z on PnM 9. Of course, it was right before a boss, so most of it was wasted.

Got a new toy today. I've been wanting one for awhile, so I got a fan with remote control. I hadn't seen the tower style fans before - they sort of look like the ionic breeze things from SI. Anyway, it's nice... keeping my comfortable atm.

I like LittleLove's new car, although I've only sat in it briefly.

Work has been boring again this week - project delayed as usual.

Talked to Ankh, RedneckNinja, and Haha over the weekend.

Haven't been doing daily DDR like I should, although I have managed to walk/stretch/exercise a bit every day.

Insurance annoyed me - they changed from last year, so I ended up having to pay for my lab work back when I was sick. WTF good is insurance when you still have to pay?

Hmm, guess I'll veg.

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