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Fuck Off... What's Up?

I'm really rollercoastering today. Top to bottom, over and over. Bottom's the worst.

I've been ready to destroy things at several points.

Ah well.

Negative energy is still energy. I got a bunch of books together and took them to Half Price to sell. They only gave me something like $6 for them all, and then I found the newest in the Ender's Game series for $4, so.... Not much profit. However, I am now 2 boxes and a bag of books lighter.

I came home and started reading. I'm about 1/2 way through now, I believe. Needed a food break.

I may or may not go DDR... I should, of course.

I'm extremely annoyed that my package is not here yet. I want to play PnM, among the rest of the stuff. Dammit.

It's looking like I'll be spending time at the mall tomorrow. Going to take a few things in to sell, perhaps trade.

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