Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Ear-Lie In The Morn

Took a nap last night, and still ended up going to bed early. The not entriely unexpected result of which, of course, was that I woke up early this morning. I decided to just go ahead and get ready and come on in to work. Much less traffic, easier parking, and still not many people around to bug me.

Played some DDR yesterday, and got on the scoreboard for Pop4Normal again. Also got on it for Naoki Neo-Standard, but there were only 2 people on it already... I got through 2.5 songs before I lost, which isn't bad for me.

I'm getting annoyed that one of my auction shipments hasn't gotten here yet. I thought it would be here Tues or Wed, but it still hasn't shown.

The plan for today is to go home after work and hang out with LittleLove. We'll either stay home and play PnM and/or the new IIDX Styles if I get them in, or go out for DDR if I don't.

I'm feeling marginally better mood-wise. I still need to find a way to get myself working actively towards cleaning up the place, getting things together to sell/get rid of, and pretty much anything but sitting there letting my brain turn to mush.

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