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Still blah mood-wise. Went to DDR after work yesterday, and did okay on my warm-up then sucked the rest of the time. Went home annoyed, and was even more so when there were no packages.

Drifted off to sleep, then LittleLove called and startled me. They came over, and we talked a bit. Then, we went to the store and got food. We vegged for a bit, watched a bit of Black Adder and Benny Hill, then they left.

I called RedneckNinja, and we talked for about 2 hours. Then, I crashed.

Got up this morning, and to work right on time. I'm a bit bored here, but am trying to do this and that to keep busy. I've started playing Kingdom Of Loathing... The humor makes it fun, even if it's a brief daily thing.

LittleLove had to work at 9am this morning, which is 2 hours earlier than their normal shift. After, they're coming over to cook some Thai dish for dinner. Depending on work, I'll go to DDR before or after - I've been doing good about going every day.

I may be having lunch with S, if they don't cancel. Otherwise, I may go with a teammate instead.

I'm going to try to force myself on task to clean up/out my place in the next few days/weeks. I need to get moving on that, I'm out of balance on my Get Rid Of Old Stuff To Get New Stuff deal.

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