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Did some coding during the morning part of the meeting, then left to get home and have leftover Chinese for lunch.

In the aftenoon session, I started feeling trapped and left as soon as they started working on document wrap-up.

I got home and was feeling really tired, but managed to stay awake. Played some DDR and did some stretching to warm up, then went out to the arcade to play.

Wasn't really on my game, as I failed Max 300. For my last song, I played Sakura and rocked it. I'll have to check my pic for confirmation, but I had something like 10 noncombo. I had a full combo until well after the slowdown/freeze.

Headed home by a strange route due to traffic, and ended up passing Angel.

Got home, and LittleLove was there. We vegged for a bit, then unpacked the Samba De Amigo stuff. One of the controllers still isn't working correctly, so I let LittleLove play most of the time. They really got into it and started passing the Challenge mode to unlock songs and such. Meanwhile, I looked up some FAQs on the controllers and downloadable songs. I may have found a way to try to 'fix' the controller as well as download the download-only songs.

We ended with playing the DC version of DDR, which was... strange. Some songs I'd never played before, and really early game modes. It was fun to play some of the songs I liked on other games in DDR.

I was going to head to the store for some fruit, but LittleLove convinced me to stay and cuddle before they had to leave.

After they left, I drifted off without meaning to. Didn't sleep too well, as I kept waking up with the urge for a bio break. Eventually I got up and took one. Then I came back to bed and caught a little nap before waking up again. Claiming defeat, I showered and got ready for work.

I was early, but it was nice in some ways - traffic was a bit easier, and I got a better parking spot. I arrived at the meeting room, and it was locked. >_< So I hung around for a half hour until it was unlocked before setting up the laptop.

The meeting is about to start, and I suppose that means I'll dig into my coding for the day.

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